"The Opticians Lab"™

shamir logo smShamir lens use Eye-Point Technology® III to simulate the real world view for each unique prescription, redefining the viewing experience, ensuring similar fields of view for both hyperopic and myopic wearers. Natural Posture™ helps minimize postural discomfort by locating the near viewing zone within the progressive lens corridor. Intellicorridor™ is technology that controls the power profile along the eye’s visual path through the progressive lens corridor, allowing for lens design suited for specific activities. As-Worn Quadro™ ensures that patients will experience the same visual acuity in their permanent glasses as they did in the trial frame.

Shamir’s signature line of lenses include options to meet each patient’s unique prescription and lifestyle, including Autograph, Attitude and many more.

Shamir’s Blue Zero™ lens combat a myriad of issues associated with exposure and overexposure to natural and artificial light sources, including from the TV, computer screens, smartphones, tablets and more. With an almost clear lens, Blue Zero is appropriate for everyone and is recommended for children and adults.

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