"The Opticians Lab"™

We produce superior lens coatings with unparalleled durability & performance.

Paragon Optical Laboratory offers lens coating services for all your patients' needs. As an independent optical laboratory, we specialize in supplying eye care providers with eyeglass lens coating services to help enhance the performance and appearance of eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety lenses and more. An ideal patient who would benefit from AR coatings include first time eye glass wearers, high index wearers, low vision patients, sunglass wearers, light sensitive patients, and more. Ideal mirror coating patients would include patients who require protection from the sun and who prefer attractive colorful coatings to include polarized lens wearers and backside AR and UV wearers. Our (AR) anti-reflective coating and mirror coating services provide your patients numerous benefits. Make sure to look at all of our AR and mirror coating services today.