"The Opticians Lab"™

At Paragon Optical Laboratory we offer a variety of free form designs, styles and brands created utilizing the latest advancements in proprietary optical technology to provide the very best quality products for our clients. Free form technology is the latest and most advanced manufacturing process of optical lenses that help to reduce higher-order aberrations like an aspheric aberration that can sometimes occur in ophthalmic lenses produced with traditional lens technology and manufacturing.

Benefits Of Free Form Lenses

  • Accommodating fitting heights allows for customizable intermediate and near corridors lengths based on each patient's unique visual demands.
  • Compensation technology optimizes each prescription, maximizing specific visual fields.
  • Integrating Position of Wear technology allows each patient’s lenses to be tailored to their frame selection allowing for increased style variation.
  • Our lens production systems and finishing technologies allow for quality lenses to be produced with a fast turnaround to meet your patient’s needs.
  • Produced in hard and soft designs, with fixed or variable fitting heights.

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