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Our in-house brand Paragon Focus Clear, Focus Digital and Focus HD free form lenses are produced utilizing the latest in Computer Numeric Control (CNC) software controlled surfacing equipment that manufactures customized lenses for each wearer’s eyeglass prescription. Advancements in free form technology allow for surface ophthalmic lenses in prescription power increments of 0.01 diopter, a vast improvement from the traditional manufacturing process which surfaces lenses in 0.25 diopter increments of ophthalmic lenses.

Our custom Bigressive lens use advanced technology for a hybrid blend that allows a smooth transition from distance to near, similar to progressive lens, but allowing for the wide fields of view available with a bifocal and no unsightly line.

Paragon lenses are custom made to offer great optics for a variety of viewing options, including office and computer work, driving, relaxing and sports.

  • Office/computer: Reduces eye and neck strain by offering fully corrected reading and intermediate vision and maximized distance vision.
  • Driver: The priority is clear distance vision with improved middle vision.
  • Relax: Helps patients avoid eye strain when they spend a large portion of their day focusing at the same distance.
  • Sport: For those involved in an active and dynamic environment, this design benefits from Digital EyeView and Digital EyePower and is available in a sports-style wrap frame.

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